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The Process Of Buying A Property In Turkey

the purchase process?

first of all, the house of your dreams to purchase a property in turkey and you are free to swiss law based on the constitution and turkish law if it is known that in a simple and straightforward manner. within the framework of a bilateral agreement between the uk and turkey, recent changes in turkish law, british citizens or eu citizens to purchase property in certain regions enables we got. your purchase agreement payments are generally divided into four sections, and they vary from manufacturer to the builders, although we can help you with whatever. first, non-refundable reservation deposit (usually € 5000) the second stage of the first stage of payment of payment, depending on the time of the pulse when the final payment the deed (tapu) you will receive.
what documents do i need for the purchase of a property in turkey
your passport information is required to purchase a turkish property along with a local tax number. we are here for you to obtain a local tax number, tax office will take you. your tax number you must open your bank account in turkey. also two new photos (4cm x 6cm) you will need; you can get in turkey, but it may be useful to have two sets before i go to turkey.

do we need a lawyer to buy property in turkey?

is not required to use a lawyer to buy a turkish property, but we strongly recommend that you do this. a lawyer usually 500 £ – £1000 is a fee i pay, that the purchase tax (of the declared value of your property in turkey is 4% (september 2018%, 3.3% and 4% increase), accommodation tax, water and electricity connections charges, notary fee and translation fees, you must include. usually depending on the value of the property £1,500 should allow for all of these fees and expenses. here is a quote from a lawyer before using it. if you choose not to use a lawyer if the cost will be approximately £800.

in our country, can i pay for my property?

you want to buy real estate after signing the contract, you can transfer the money to your solicitor's bank account, or you can transfer directly to the bank account of the real estate office. if you transfer the money directly from your bank if you are going to a specialist commercial foreign exchange company for the best exchange rate we recommend using.

do i need to be to buy real estate in turkey ?

it is recommended, but we purchase on your behalf with an attorney who is authorized by a notary local to you. if your country without feeling under pressure to finish before returning to any negotiations during the visit you can view the properties in the empty spaces

how fast are you moving your property in turkey?

depending on the turkish government's department of turkish assets land freehold land title the final title deed (tapu) can take 3 months to get. first, your application of regional land registry office, then take a military zone in izmir directorate and the land is not in a military zone or restricted check that. this is really a formality, and once everything is confirmed, lasts only one day to complete the transfer of ownership. free to you once a confirmation has been given property with the land registry office to sign documents go to a translator. on 7 january 2006, in order to speed up this process, non-resident individuals, a new law entered into force. although i get between 5 and 8 weeks, the formalities, once i've paid a significant portion of the purchase price with most builders will allow you to import.

completion of the acquisition of real estate in turkey

the state and the army of your application, once approved by both seller and buyer the deed to the land registry office for the land registry entry should be represented. most buyers prefer to turkey to attend personally but until you can appoint a power of attorney to attend in your place is not necessary. if a spouse, partner, our office staff in turkey or any person you trust can be your lawyer this if you have. there are various forms of completion required before, but they quite clearly and we we would be happy to help.

countries eligible to purchase property in turkey:

afghanistan , andorra , angola , antigua and barbuda , albania , algeria , argentina , australia , austria , azerbaijan , bahamas , bahrain , bangladesh , barbados , belarus , belgium , belize , benin , bolivia , bosnia and herzegovina , botswana , brazil , brunei , bulgaria , burkina faso , burundi , cameroon , cambodia , cameroon , canada , central african republic , chile , colombia , comoros , congo , congo , costa rica , czech republic , denmark , west timor , dominican republic , equatorial guinea, equatorial guinea, equatorial guinea, eritrea, armenia, estonia, ethiopia, ethiopia, guinea , ecuador , el salvador , england , estonia , ethiopia , egypt , morocco, f iji , the philippines , ghana , germany , greece , guinea , guinea bissau , grenada , guatemala , guyana, georgia , netherlands , iraq , honduras , indonesia , iran , ireland , israel , italy , jamaica , japan , jordan , montenegro , kazakhstan , kenya , kyrgyzstan , kiribati , kuwait , ivory coast , laos , lesotho , liberia , libya , lebanon , latvia , liechtenstein , luxembourg , macedonia , kosovo , macedonia , macedonia , macedonia , serbia , montenegro , montenegro , montenegro , montenegro , yugoslavia , greece, zaire, zambia, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, zimbabwe, the republic of korea, hungary , madagascar , macedonia , malawi , malaysia , mali , malta , marshall islands , moldova , mongolia , monaco , moldova , mauritania , mozambique , namibia , namibia , niger , norway , nicaragua , oman , pakistan , palau , panama , papua new guinea , peru , the people's republic of china , paraguay , poland , portugal , romania , rwanda , russia , qatar , sami , san marino , sao tome and principe , south africa , saudi arabia , senegal , serbia , seychelles , sierra leone , singapore , slovakia , slovenia , solomon islands , somalia , sri lanka , sudan , syria , saudi arabia, tajikistan, tanzania, thailand, togo, tonga, trinidad and tobago, tunisia, turkmenistan, somalia , south africa , south sudan , spain , sweden , switzerland , sri lanka , saint kitts and nevis , saint vincent and the grenadines , sudan , suriname , swaziland , tajikistan , tanzania , thailand , togo , tonga , trinidad and tobago , tunisia , turkmenistan , uganda , ukraine , united arab emirates , uruguay , uzbekistan , vanuatu , venezuela , viet nam , yemen , new zealand , zambia , zimbabwe


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